Zip Pouch

Pattern  Zippered Case
Fabric exterior: Cotton robot fabric
interior: Purple cotton fabric
Notions  Zip


Hot on the heels of my recent zip bag creation, I was keen to make a small zip pouch in which to keep some toddler jigsaw puzzles that my mother-in-law recently brought over for our son. The three five-piece puzzles from my husband’s childhood were boxless, and I was keen to replace the ubiquitous clear sandwich bag that they came in, to give them a more permanent home when not in use.

In my stash of sewing patterns, I came across this simple zip case, found a piece of robot cotton fabric and a purple cotton fabric that matched the splashes of contrast on the main fabric, dug out a zip, and whipped the pouch together on my sewing machine.

Construction Notes: The pattern was straightforward, although omitting to mention the need to at least partially open the zipper towards the end of construction, in order to be able to turn the finished bag out the right way. Fortunately I was aware of this, and it didn’t catch me out. Besides this, and some of the photos/steps not being as clear as they could have been, the instructions were decent and I’m pleased with the resulting bag, which has now been filled with puzzle pieces and awaits my son’s verdict.


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