double seed stitch knitting texture

Double Seed Stitch Blanket

Pattern:  Double Seed Stitch Blanket, by Purl Soho
Yarn:  Garnstudio Drops Eskimo
Needles:  10mm circular

In the closing days of 2013 I cast on for this epic labour of love, a hand-knit blanket for my husband to snuggle under in front of the fire on winter evenings. He selected the colour and the pattern from a few alternatives that I suggested – not a very ambitious design, but it made for easy not-paying-much-attention knitting, which ended up being a bonus for such a large project that didn’t seem to be growing much for months!

Construction Notes:

I used the long-tail cast on to create 147 stitches, which stretched to give a blanket width of about 57 inches, slightly greater than intended. As time allowed, I ploughed on in the double rows of seed stitch until the blanket measured somewhere over 76 inches in length, and my husband declared it long enough! It’s the second time I’ve used this yarn, which is delightfully soft and lofty, though with a slight tendency to shed fibres that I hope will abate with washing. The double seed stitch was a mindless knit, which probably helped its completion, particularly as pregnancy and then the subsequent arrival of our little boy in the autumn rather curtailed my knitting for much of the last year! The finished blanket is warm and snuggly, big enough for all three of us to curl up together under, and is already earning its keep on these cold evenings.