Felt Christmas garland


Pattern  Purl Soho Taffy Twist Felt Garland
Fabric  100% wool felt, 1mm thick, in red, cerise, lime, yellow and ecru.

With Christmas decorations brightening up much of the house, our staircase often feels rather bare over the festive season, so a few months ago I began to ponder some form of garland to twine up the handrail. I had not been inspired by any commercial garlands or lights, when I came upon the instructions for this project. I was immediately drawn to its bright colours and simple cheer, and promptly ordered up some squares of wool felt.

Construction Notes: The instructions for the garland are very simple: cut strips, sew together and fold. However, I must confess that these simple tasks took far longer than anticipated, eating up several precious hours of a weekend, and I found the process exceedingly dull.  However, the reward is in the results: I love the resulting garland, and threaded along the supports of our handrail it brings much needed cheer to the staircase, making me smile each time I run up or down.

I haven’t measured the final garland, but calculated that the strips would come to about thirty feet in total when straight (no wonder it took a little while to construct!). It is the perfect length to double up and drape along our handrail in swags. A monotonous project in the creation, but one that should continue to bring cheer for many years to come.