Homemade peg bag

Peg Bag

Pattern  Modified from Lunch Bucket Bag
Fabric exterior: Green cotton twill
drawstring section: Apples fabric from Robert Kaufman Metro Market collection
drawstring: white cotton
interior: Ivory cotton bull-denim
Notions Carabiner clip

For years now, our clothes pegs have trailed around in an unsightly old plastic grocery bag, and I have long had it in mind to create something more suitable. I vacillated between sewing and knitting/crochet, a little reluctant to follow the traditional coat-hanger supported style, contemplating various alternatives. When I came across this pattern for a lunch bucket bag, I knew that it would make the perfect peg bag, and so I collected up some fabrics and embarked upon it.

Construction Notes: The pattern is well written and illustrated, so that a beginner should not find it daunting. I made some modifications for my purpose; not using any interfacing, but instead relying on the strength of a robust cotton denim lining to support the bag, and incorporating a loop for a carabiner clip. I attached this between the two layers of the bag for extra strength, then made a buttonhole in the binding so that as I attached the binding between the body of the bag and the upper drawstring section, the loop could squeeze through the binding, where I sewed it down for added security.

The peg bag had its first outing yesterday, and I was thrilled: it’s the perfect size and shape for this purpose, it stands up by itself with a good shape; hanging on the line by the clip at just the right angle to allow easy access to the pegs without any danger of spilling them, while the drawstrings work easily to open and close the top. It’s amazing how much pleasure such a simple thing can bring! I’m really pleased with how this project turned out, and would certainly make it again – though I hope it will be some years before we’ll need a replacement.


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  1. it looks great Sara, lovely cheerful garden colour, it looks easy to use and I like the closed top, it is sometimes surprising how much the little things can thrill, it would make a lovely present too, Frances

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