Rosie Pig front view - knitted soft toy in Rowan Purelife organic cotton DK.

Rosie Pig

Pattern:  Rosie Pig, from the Organic Cotton Kids Collection by Rowan (Janice Anderson)
Yarn:  Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton DK(Indigo 994, Natural 986, Brazilwood 982, Logwood 981, Yellowwood 984)
Needles:  3.25mm (2.75mm for patch; 3.0mm dpn for tail )

Construction Notes:

The knitting was quick, although I had to muddle through what appeared to be an error or two in the pattern. After completing the body and nose I assembled these and stuffed them, before continuing with the remaining small pieces which then needed quite a bit of sewing to assemble.

The instructions suggest inserting a pipe cleaner in the tail to give it shape, but since this toy is for a very young child I omitted this; instead lightly stuffing the base of the tail and tying a knot instead. I did not stitch folds in the ears as suggested, either; the natural drape of the stocking stitch gave the ears sufficiently lifelike shaping without this.

The finished result is pleasing; Rosie Pig has quite a bit of character, and will hopefully bring a smile to my god-daughter’s face on her first birthday.


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