Oilcloth kneeling pad

Kneeling Pad

Pattern  Based on Portable Cushion
Fabric exterior: Tabitha Watermelon Oilcloth from Ashley Wilde’s Thornbury collection
Notions 16″ zip
high density foam pad 16″ x 8″ x 4″

Construction Notes: This unlined kneeling pad, intended for use in the garden, was a relatively quick sew.  A zip wraps around one end of the cushion, to allow the foam pad to be removed/replaced. I (almost!) matched the pattern across the zip. I made one for ourselves earlier this year, which we have found invaluable; this one is a gift.


4 thoughts on “Kneeling Pad

  1. Oh, now that is an excellent idea, I have to get some oilcloth for when nephews and nieces who are learning to eat join us at the dining table, what a good excuse to get some extra. Where did you get the foam?

    • Thanks. Ours has proved useful, especially when the ground’s a bit wet. There are some lovely oilcloths out there, great to have an excuse to buy some! The foam I ordered cut to measure from an ebay shop, I could send you the link if you like…

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