Crochet wool hearth rug

Hearth Rug

Pattern: Self-drafted – single crochet with reverse single crochet border
Yarn: 100% pure Berber Rug Wool in Sandy Camel Cream
Hook: 7.5mm

Construction Notes: A straightforward project, with quick results. I love the regularity of the single crochet pattern, and particularly like the effect of the reverse single crochet stitch (crab stitch) which I used as a border all the way round the finished rug.

Stitch detail of single crochet rug

The cats seem to like it too…


2 thoughts on “Hearth Rug

    • Ooh, that’s a hard question as I would pick it up for a few rows then not touch it for a week. Hmm. Not so long that I resented it! I completed it in maybe a dozen sessions, of varying length as time allowed.

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