Camera case - PU outer, cotton flannel lining

Camera Case

Pattern  Self drafted
Fabric exterior: Black 4oz PU coated
lining: Red cotton flannel
Notions Black sew-in velcro

Construction Notes: I sewed the front outer and lining together, then sandwiched them between the back outer and lining pieces, and stitched around the perimeter, leaving a gap for turning out, then handstitched the opening afterwards. The bottom corners were slightly boxed. A buttonhole in the flap is positioned for the camera strap to be pushed through.

In future, I would construct this so that the hand-stitched turning gap was in the lining rather than on the outer seam, and would pre-sew the velcro on with a piece of stiff interfacing, rather than stitching through all layers, to avoid visible stitches on the other side – particularly noticeable on the front flap.

Otherwise, I am pleased with this gift with its durable exterior, but soft and playful interior.